Living together

  • The room that the student signed up for is to be used by that student only. It cannot be given to someone else and cannot be shared.
  • The areas around the rooms should be silent. This is a place for studying that is shared with others. Having parties in your room is prohibited.
  • The areas around the rooms should be respected and stay silent. The residence is a place for studying and is shared with other students. It should stay quiet after midnight.
  • Parties that are not academically related are prohibited.
  • People outside of the residence are not permitted to be over past midnight, except for special cases. This is to allow the residents to be focused on their studies.
  • The common areas should be treated with respect.
  • The use of ovens, candles, refrigerators, heaters and other things that can start a fire are prohibited.
  • The possession and consumption of drugs and alcohol in the residence is prohibited.
  • Residents are not allowed to hang anything on their walls, doors, etc. In each room there is a cork board where residents can hang pictures, notes, etc.