The building is new, modern, and designed with bright and modern colors that make the students feel comfortable. We try to make sure the change from the student leaving home is as small as possible.

ROOMSLas habitaciones

There are different kinds of living arrangements available for Sorolla students. The majority of these are duplexes, which has a bed, table, and cabinets. There is also a table for studying, a study chair, drawers, a cork wall, spacious closets, internet connection, a television, and some decorative details that complete the room.

Bathroom access depends on the room


We provide an eating area where the residents can get together for meals. There is always coffee and pastries,  and a refrigerator exclusively available for the residents.

Zona de comedor

The common areas are a great place for the residents to get together and have fun. They come with a TV, video, DVD, and connection to Digtial +.