Student Residence Sorolla

20 years of experience providing the best conditions of respect, harmony and friendliness in an excellent study environment.

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20 years of experience

Our objective is to allocate our residents with the best living situation possible. We think an important factor in the academic achievements of a student is the environment where they live. For this reason, we collaborate with our students, teaching them the importance of respect, living together, and being cordial.


Our building was recently built and has the most modern technology installations. The rooms are big, have a modern design, and are equipped with a rest area and a good place to study. The common rooms are designed to be a great place to study and communicate between the residents.(more...)


We are located in Villaviciosa de Odón, a nice and peaceful university environment. The bus comes every five minutes at the bus stop in the front. In just a few more minutes, students can be at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and other universities such as Alfonso X El Sabio en Villanueva de la Cañada or la Universidad Juan Carlos I at their campuses in Móstoles or Alcorcón.(more...)


Open registration period for the course 2019-2020